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"My Dad's a survivor of Stage 3 Testicular Cancer and through Oddball Golf we found a way to give back and help others get their second chance."

Why the name Oddball:

"OddBall" is a pun as a result of my Dad's testicular cancer. As a Joke, my Mom said "you should call the business "Odd Ball" because it's ok to be different" we all laughed and it stuck. In 2017 we started Oddball Belts.

Why a 2 iron golf club buckle:

The 2 iron is a legendary golf club that is "Odd" or rarely seen in a golf bag today so it stands out when seen. Aside from it's simple and classy design, if you have one, you are surely to raise a brow in your group! We innovated and redesigned a buckle that would be wearable and had a magnetic slot to hold any standard 1" ball marker instead of fumbling in your pocket to find one. 

"Wendel Clark said to me...

"Ryan, a 2 iron is better around my waist than in my hands".

Our Mission:

To provide people around the globe with a unique and fun custom experience with a high quality, functional product that is fun to wear. It creates a conversation with people to share their story about a journey like ours or wear the belt and their favourite ball marker with pride. With a ball marker, you can show your golf club, an event you attended like the Masters, a sports team or your company logo.

Our Goal:

Raise money to help end the fight against Cancer and help others get their second chance by donating a portion of sales. Furthermore, it's another way to spend time together as a family building a fun business involving a game we love to play!