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"My Dad survived Stage 3 Testicular Cancer and we found a fun way to help others get their second chance by creating a business together "OddBall Designs" with a unique, high quality product 2-iron Golf Buckle & Belt that's fun to wear and a portion of every belt sold is donated to help the fight to end Cancer."

"Wendel Clark (Toronto Maple Leafs)

"a 2 iron is better around my waist than in my hands"

Colin Scatcherd (Oakwood Inn)

"Love it, it marks your balls and holds up your pants"

Why the name Oddball:

Our company name was born from our family brainstorming around our kitchen island about a business name that would somehow tie our love of golf, support our mission to raise awareness, help people beat Cancer and share our story about our battle with testicular Cancer. My Mom jokingly said seeing as you only have "1 ball" what about “Oddball”…we laughed and it stuck!

Why a 2 iron golf club buckle:

The 2 iron is not only an “odd” club to see in a golf bag these days, it's also known as a legendary club with a unique sleek design that stands out. The 2 also represents my Dad and I building something fun together so we set out to innovate and redesign a golf club into a buckle that is functional with a magnetic slot to hold a standard 1” ball marker that can be customized and is differentiated from other belts on the market and most of all high quality and fun to wear!

Our Mission:

Inspire others with our story to help raise funds and awareness in our community to help others get a second chance with their loved ones like we did by building a fun business with a game we love, and a  brand people remember.

Our Goal:

Innovate, redesign or create products with high-quality, unique and customizable options where you can add your  company logo, sports team or country.  Most of all fun and differentiated from traditional products in the market.