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Wesley McColl (Owner of ODDBALL) 

"My Dad survived Stage 3 Testicular Cancer and we found a fun way to give back by creating our company ODDBALL."

Wendel Clark (Toronto Maple Leafs)

"A 2 iron is better around my waist then in my hands"

Colin Scatcherd (Oakwood Inn Grand Bend)

"Marks your balls and holds up your pants"""

Why the name ODDBALL:

Our company name came from a fun family conversation around our kitchen island about a business name that would tie in our story to raise awareness and our passion for golf. My Mom jokingly said to my Dad "What about ODDBALL, seeing as you only have 1 ball now" we laughed and our company name was born!


Why a 2 iron golf club buckle:

We chose a 2 iron for several reasons. First, it symbolized my Dad and I working together to make a difference. Second, we love golf and saw an opportunity to provide benefits for golfers and businesses. Both golfers and businesses want to stand out and differentiate themselves. Our belt checks all the boxes; Sleek Design, High-Quality, Function, Fashion, Comfort, Brand Customization, and Purpose! Our belt stands out and makes a difference!

Our Mission:

To share our story, inspiring people to raise awareness and funds for Testicular Cancer to help others get a second chance like my Dad.


In 2023 we have expanded our reach to give back by registering with the Breast Cancer Foundation and the Heart & Stroke Foundation! 

Our Goal:

To develop a purpose driven business focused on making a positive community impact and a brand that people support.  The first thing we want people to talk about when they see "ODDBALL" is about our story to raise awareness and the great products we provide with a purpose. We want people to look good and feel good knowing their purchase made a difference to someone fighting for their second chance. 


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